fight me

in a crumbling arena

ricocheted by silence


desire red enclosure

crackling down

all around

from the lackluster love

between the laughable excuses

of bricks carved

with succulent lust


floor paved with

red velvet

— cupcake

soft to the touch

an alluring aroma

an attempt

to butter us up


we are gladiators tonight

using the other’s heart

as ammunition

but you run around

like a wild goose in danger

jerking left and right

my heart dug deep into

the citadel of your soul

fight me fight me

i whisper always inches away

but you never look back


you cannot face me

will not engage and risk my love

but will you please

just stop for a moment

let me embrace you

from behind

fight me, my dear

fight me with your own love


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