mistress milieu

my friends, my lovers, my allies all abound

come one, come all, draw in to my sound

come rejuvenate my insides

come purge away my fears

this is the turning of the tides

retribution for the years


it is time to reclaim my body, lift the ulcers off my chest

tornado, earthquake, thunder, and storms for all the rest

they think that i am conquered, but I’ll show them they are wrong

i’ll make this battle cruel and hard, astringently long


there is nowhere for you to run to, you are confined to my fair frame

what do you think you’re doing? do you think this all a game?

there’s no turning back now, no pausing, no restart

you’re the one who tore inside and stretched my heart apart


here i leave you one last choice, one route of self-redemption:

restore me piece by piece so that i may live by your side

let there be love and harmony between us, sans prejudice and pride

let my pores breathe again, give me space to grow and bloom

and know that any other path you take will only lead you

to your doom.


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