A new city, a new life.

I feel like I’ve left a part of me behind with the rainy coast of my past.

I’m not sure if I’ve stopped writing because I haven’t had the time to or if it is due to the lack of inspiration in this far too urban environment. I hope it is the latter.

But I am happy. In the essence. Even with the constant fluctuation of my emotions, I can feel the difference in myself. I am happy independent. I am free in every sense – well, almost.

My mind is blank. It seems like the only moments in which I have much to say is when I’m highly emotional and usually in the miserable sense.

Someday. Someday. Someday. My goals seem so far.

But I’ll make it there.

And I hope I don’t stop doing this somewhere along the way.

Writing isn’t just my past. It’s my present. And something deep inside my heart is urging it on.

Find yourself, Nessa. Find yourself.

But it’s hard because I don’t even know if I’m lost in the first place.

Am I?


6 thoughts on “62

  1. I can’t imagine you beling lost. Perhaps this just a time of remembering yourself new…….. and that’s a wonderful place to be……… Maybe that’s finding what was never lost. ~ Love you, Nessa. ~ Bobbie

  2. Hey ‘Nessa.

    I know I’ve pretty much disappeared from wordpress for a while, which I attribute mostly to being thrown into the busy turbulence of university. And maybe a bit of what you mentioned here too. I never stopped reading your posts, though, and almost every one resonates with parts of me both past and present. Sometimes I even feel as though I’m reading what I might have written myself, albeit with your superior command of language.

    I think I know of the happiness and freedom you talk about. Your hardships have thrust you upon a long journey of self discovery, which you have gotten through. You’ve reached a point of understanding and peace within yourself which I think many fail to achieve. And now your journey of self discovery is one that you have chosen to take.

    You are not lost, ‘Nessa. You simply have yet to decide where to go.

    • Hey A,
      I’ve missed you. Ever since the disappearance of MSN, I’ve lost touch with many of my friends. I am super happy that you took the time to come by and talk to me again.
      University has kept me on my toes as well and I’m sure that once I have the time again, I will blogging often again – rediscovering the part of myself that has mysteriously vanished.
      As you say, i am probably not lost. Just ‘remembering’, as Bobbie puts it.
      Add me on facebook/skype, whichever social outlet you do have time for. Let’s talk when you have time. (:

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