only at the core

only at the core

of this

writhing madness

do I realize

the bitter truth

I’ve been


all along


only at the core

of this

hopeless suffocation

do I feel

the emptiness within

my own heart

a missing piece

on the edge that

no one notices


only there

can I plainly see

that the source of all this

frustration and misery

turmoil and interjection

was not

the absence of your sweet, honey love

but instead

the venom seething inside your love itself


this masochistic tendency of me

to accept your love in all its forms

is psychedelic, overwhelming,

absolutely all-consuming,

but also

wonderfully precious

incorrigibly vital

and all I ever wanted

One thought on “only at the core

  1. You don’t love someone because they’re perfect. You love them in spite of the fact that they’re not. You love them for the jagged edges that line up perfectly with your own…………. I love this, Nessa……… (and you) ~ Bobbie

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