there is a miniature of you

that lives within my heart

and on the coldest nights

i melt into his arms


How are you?

he makes me laugh

much like you do

and during those moments

when you cannot be around

i find comfort by his side

i restore my broken self

knowing that

you are mine

for now


It’s okay.

he keeps me company in my dreams

he rescues me from a darkness

i never knew i had

but sometimes, just sometimes

i feel a little guilty

indulging in

another man


I miss you.

i think of all the ways

i could mould you to be like him

change you for the better

change you for my egotistic mind

but a single word from your lips

is enough to brush this all away

because the real thing is always better


Good night.

he is but a manifestation

of all the little things

you do for me

of the happiness

i find in you

and having him

by my side

only makes me realize

how much more

i rely on you

how much more

I love you.


4 thoughts on “ineffability

  1. This is beautiful and inspired, Nessa. That’s the truth of love. Regardless the time or the passing, a little of them always rests within us……. and in that, we are blessed! I love this……and you. Merry thursday, sweetie! ~ Ever, Bobbie

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