We are born with broken hearts.

We are born with broken hearts

and love is the magic that glues the pieces together

slowly, but flawlessly.

When love is lost, the glue disappears, leaving all the fragments

to crash into a broken state again.

Heartbreak is but that crashing

and recovery is but the remembrance of the comfort you once found in that state.

Sometimes, love stays forever…till death does it part.

Sometimes, love isn’t perfect and has cracks between the places

With enough love even the cracks can be filled in.

But if the cracks widen, even love loses it power.

No matter what, it is never wrong to love,

never wrong to want to be mended and feel the wholeness in your veins.

We are born with broken hearts,

and thus we spend our lives searching and loving so that we can die “wholehearted”.

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