A New Adventure

a new adventure awaits us in the far-lying land

between the shadows of  uncertainty

and the echoes of the sand –

shimmering hope in every direction


there’s no turning back now

when we’ve come so far

no one can stop us

we’ll reach for the stars


they told us it would be hard

they told us we would fail

but they also knew

how we would never give up

always look forward, and always prevail


hand in hand, this may be the last time we’re connected

but we’ll never forget the faces of our past

as we push on into the capacious future

let us pray that this meeting will not be our last


scream out to the world that you’re alive and excited

we’ll make something of ourselves someday I swear

the whole world has become our playground

we’ll be the change that never was

here, there, and everywhere


freedom sings from every direction

our love bubbling from inside

we’re ready to see the world anew

but you’ll always be a piece of me

and perhaps

i’ll always be a piece of you



8 thoughts on “A New Adventure

  1. Dear Vanessa – I always found your name to have a special character. I looked and am sure you know that in the Greek it means ‘Butterfly’ , and in the Latin it means ‘ of Venus’ . Both of which, surely you are.
    I do believe that a graduation is coming, so I am sending you the very best of wishes for that special day, along with prayers of hope and blessings as you sail for all your new horizons. May music always sooth your soul, and words always allow you to tell the world of your heart …
    All the best!

  2. Love this ‘Nessa… especially the last stanza. You are inspiring me to try to get back into writing poems… it feels like it has been too long. I write so much better from a ‘darker’ place.

  3. Open your eyes wide and take it all in. Now, close them – click – there a picture that will never fade. Forever a breath away; take it all………take it all, dear Nessa. ~ Congratulations with all my love, Bobbie

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