to tell me now

that i was the one churning your thoughts

that i was the reason for the sleepless nights

that i had hurt you in such a way

without intention

with only love

but hurt nonetheless

is too much for me to handle.


it’s better now you say

better now

but my heart aches

because it wasn’t better then

because i didn’t see the other side of the glass

because i was blind

but blindfolded by you

because i’m a hypocrite in much i do

telling others

that the past is the past

but clutching onto

its frayed ends


my feelings toward you remain unchanged

but it hurts

it hurts

and that is something new


5 thoughts on “55

  1. I love this too, Nessa. I am reminded that as much as it hurts to be hurt (I know you understand what I mean), it is quite another to look at someone and know that the sadness they feel (that they show) is your doing. *sigh* I hope you don’t know many of those in your life. ~ All my love, Bobbie

    • It comforts me to know that I am not the only one who experiences this emotion – though I suppose that could be said for almost every emotion as we are never alone.in what we feel.
      Thank you, Bobbie. You don’t know how much it means to me for you to always be here for me even though I’m not always active here.

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