Music and I

Music is the toxin

I have yet to find the cure for

The plague within my heart

That grows on ever more


The black and white monster

Inflicting terror on my mind

Will never cease to haunt me

Will always trail behind


My tears have no effect

In this never ending war

The battles come from day to day

Knocking at my door


Some days I wander hopeless

Some days I want to stop

But I must not lose this struggle

I must fight until I drop


In the end I still believe

That every monster, every beast

Every little evil thing

Has a bit of love at least


A little bit of light that shines

Through the darkness, through the void

A charming smile to bring out hope

A wooing rhythm to be enjoyed


So music, now I must ask you, do you dare?

I see the goodness in you, fair and square.


3 thoughts on “Music and I

  1. Ultimately, it is the dragons we fear that become our comfort………. One day, this will be your release….that which knows you best. This I know…… ~ Love you, Nessa. ~ Ever, Bobbie

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