fire and ice

I’m left with the pieces

of a mask

I used to wear

not knowing

if I could bear

stitching it back together


Perhaps instead

I will throw

the fragments

let it go

for the wind

to carry away


But I’ve long forgotten

the face behind

the mask

my identity

my task

in the cold corners

of this darkness


I feel

a heavy weight

upon my soul

a frosted arrow

takes its toll


my heart


As I search

to find myself

my fears converge

and all I know

in the frozen scourge

is that I love you

for the warmth you bring

when all is skew

5 thoughts on “fire and ice

  1. I love this, Nessa. It is a reminder that love is best when it is but a soft place to fall. Beyond that, I am reminded of so many that I’ve known – that wore a mask until they became unrecognizable even to themselves. Be encouraged to know that the truest love requires no such illusion – but simply ‘is’. Love to you (simply) ~ Bobbie

  2. it’s so wonderfully chilling! I love it. it’s so beautiful and powerful- it’s a very forceful poem with strong emotion. keep up the great posts!!

  3. and all I know … is that I love you for the warmth you bring … sounds to me like that is more than enough to know, even without our masks! Very moving poem.

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