Should’ve left her behind

Should’ve left her behind

this carefree spirit

that wanders

from place to place

with her heart out

for all to see

with her heart out

so easily.


Should’ve left her behind

midst the abandoned playground

swinging all alone

running after

no one

enchanted by

the sun.


Should’ve left her behind

with her



pig tails

and her bright orange

skip rope

and her notions

of hope.


Should’ve left her behind

before her innocence

met your lack of

before her smile

met your tears

before her dreams

became your fears.


Should’ve left her behind

but now  it’s too late

to abandon her

for you have grown

too attached

too much in love

with what she loved

with what she stood for

with love itself

at the very core.


Should’ve left her behind

but you knew too well

that you needed her

more than she needed you

and that she’ll always be

a part of your whole

and the part of your heart

that comprises your soul.


3 thoughts on “Should’ve left her behind

  1. Love won’t be left behind. Even when we think we’ve somehow managed it, we turn to find it there ~ in the echo of laughter, the stick-around memory, the warmth where a heart still recalls. I love this, and yet……..he could never leave you behind……… never. Love this, Nessa. ~ Ever, Bobbie

    • I guess this poem is kind of unclear…But the ‘you’ I’m referring to is the present me and the ‘she’ is but an image of my past. Not that he isn’t always on my mind…
      But thank you, Bobbie. Your kindness is always with me.

      • …….ahhhh, I love that………..but now I’m absolutely sure that shouldn’t leave her behind for always she is a part of you – your beauty, your strength, your wings…….

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