Civil War

Bored in history class…I am not American and I mean nothing by this poem. Just a way for me to remember facts. (:

The Union and the Confederacy did not see eye to eye,
The North said ‘no’ to slavery but the South could not comply,
Tariffs, industry, railway,Β  growth – the North was thus consumed,
And the class struggle for congressional power and land left America doomed.

The Missouri Compromise of 1820 did not ease the Southern farmers’ hate,
As the Union appeared to be at end with the Lincoln-Douglas debate,

The Wilmot Proviso and the 1850 Compromise told the South the North had control,
And the Fugitive Slave Act and the Dred Scott decision simply could not slow
The coming of the Civil War as Lincoln came to power,
Tricked by rules of popular sovereignty,Β  the South began to cower.

Make no mistake, the abolitionists were going to have their way,
Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Harper’s Ferry Raid – slavery could not stay,
‘A more perfect union’ Lincoln claimed as motive to refuse Southern concern,
With Fort Sumpter as the bait, the United States of America were destined again to burn.


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