51 – forget me

there is no feeling worse

than knowing

that i had hurt you

that i had let you down

that i had been so foolish

as to not notice

you breaking right in front of me


in this instance

there is nobody worse

than myself

than this lonely soul that shatters

when you’re not around


i cannot apologize

until i figure myself out

and i cannot face you

when i am stuck

in the thorns of confusion


there is no feeling worse

and i quiver in that thought

how could i be so careless

so stupid

so unaware?


i cannot ask you to love me

or forgive me

but i hope that you will not


forget me


10 thoughts on “51 – forget me

  1. Regardless of how hard we try, we tend to hurt those we love. Maybe it’s because they expect more, or maybe it’s because we do. Either way, the good news is that love forgives too…….and always it remains true to the best part of us. Love remains when nothing else does. I love this, Nessa. It breaks my heart, but that’s a good thing. ~ Love, Bobbie

  2. I thought this was so well-written, so emotionally stark and strong. It also helps if I scroll down and read the very last line. 🙂 It didn’t show up in my email notification LOL Great poem!

  3. Very touching. Something that I can relate to…Oh well hopefully things will look up here in the future, right? Life moves on, although the heart may not be willing to.

  4. Truly speaks to the heart, I have been on the other side of your poem. But, Without apology, thought or feeling. Wish I had at least that from my last relationship. 😦

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