I’m lying on a hotel bed and it’s too early to sleep.

My mom said I laughed in my sleep last night.

You were in my dreams and I think this is the first time it’s happened.
I don’t remember anything that would’ve made me laugh, but I’m sure the dream started out nice. What I remember wasn’t quite so.

There was this mad scientist lady (what?) that was determined to keep us apart. I think I know her, but her face is a blur to me now.

There was an underground passage and an underground laboratory.  I was running from her (why am I the coward?) and you were running after both of us.

She cornered me. Laughed. You grabbed her and stopped her from reaching me. She threw a flask down at my feet. It shattered. I felt dizzy.

She explained that it was a love potion that would change my heart (make me fall in love with her?). You laughed in disbelief.

I remember looking at you helplessly, an expression in my eyes signalled for you to save me (what…?). You didn’t answer that signal.

Instead, you made a bet. You bet her that even after the potion took effect that I would still only be drawn to you. Why did you make such a bet? What if you were wrong? Why am I asking questions about my own dream?

It hurt me that you would just leave me there,  cringing on the cold tile floor. But you were right,  I did still reach for you in the haze of that unknown chemical. You took me by the arm and we left together. I was mad, but I forgave you instantly (seriously?). Is this what happiness is?

Why was I laughing?


One thought on “49

  1. I love dreams where I know it’s a dream even while I’m dreaming. I have a favorite dream and sometimes, the entire night is spent looking for the clues I left there in another life. 🙂 I love the wonder, the madness, the magic of this one, Nessa. ~ Much love, Bobbie

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