silly soul

sometimes battered, pressed of good

sometimes forgotten, misunderstood

trying to love again, but shut down every time

world is a mess, a mud-crusted grime


open heart

to be torn apart

silly soul to love as such

silly soul to love this much


wrath fades too fast to frivolity

revenge too caught up in inequality

no moves made, chess board is broken

strings cut loose, words left unspoken


open heart

to be torn apart

silly self to lose as such

silly self to lose this much


open heart but closed off mind

no thoughts to render emotions kind


13 thoughts on “silly soul

  1. hmmm are we silly to dream, we certainly are silly within our dreams, when they are happening, or so we hope. Great poem, lyrical as others have said, never give up on being silly … you never know.

    • Hehe. Thank you for following me back. 🙂 I’m not always active, but I try my best not to forget about everyone on here.
      And I don’t think my silliness can ever go away (sometimes to my dismay), but thank you for that.

  2. Beautiful, Nessa. I know (and you know) that a broken heart isn’t so much the loss of the person as it is the loss of your dreams that they were a part of……..and the effort involved in imaginging a new dream seems bigger than anything else. Love this (and you) ~ Bobbie

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