you have smitten my words away, away into the night

scattered them like fireflies burning out of sight

and dozens of my little hopes are crippled on the ground

they dare not move an inch, dare not to breathe a sound.


i laugh my bitter laugh because that’s all i can still do

i no longer know what more to think of you

and there’s a blizzard where i think my heart should be

just what have you, what have you done to me?


the storm is passing over and  i can feel the peace

let these stolid misunderstandings finally come to cease.

3 thoughts on “Concord

  1. Beyond the storm lies a memory of the stillness, and a place of beginning again……….. Devastation is often a cool midnight rain. Love this, Nessa. ~ Be well and be loved…………..(as you are) ~ Bobbie

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