45 – There are many paths in this world.

There are many paths in this world. Some are long and some are short. Some paths twist and turn in ways unforeseeable and others carry on straight for their entire length. Sometimes we share paths and sometimes we meet at an intersection, stop for a few moments, and carry on in the direction we were heading. Sometimes we change paths because the one we thought we would always lead isn’t the right one for us.

As of now, my path is diverging in ways I never imagined it would.  I have always been indecisive, regretting one path while knowing full well that the same regret would come if I had taken the other path. But, to live a life without regret would be meaningless. What I wish I had done becomes the basis for what I plan to do. What I wish I could change, I will change.

I’m reaching out to you, but you’re walking too fast. I do not wish to trail behind you any longer. Won’t you stop for just second, look back, and take my hand? You’re close, but it’s not enough. It’s lonely when I’m not by your side. It’s lonely because I cannot reach you.

There are many paths in this world. Some are created and some are destroyed with every passing second. Sometimes, when we are fortunate, we will meet someone along our path that will change us forever. Sometimes, as you walk along the path with that someone, you’ll feel like everything is in place and sometimes, you’ll find that your paths do no coincide and eventually you’ll be off to your own worlds.

I’m tired of the twist and turns, tired of my path never quite touching yours.

Open your eyes a little and free me from this labyrinth.


3 thoughts on “45 – There are many paths in this world.

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  2. Nessa, I truly envy you this time in your life ~ this inherent joy and this probable sorrow. I know exactly what it’s like. Every now and then, there’s a moment where your whole life stretches out ahead of you like a forked road, and even as you choose one gritty path, you’ve got your eyes on the other the whole time, certain that you’re making a mistake.

    And here’s the truth. You never know, for even as you look back from some other place, your regrets are salted by the time of ‘in between’ (between the place you went right instead of left, and the place you are).

    Life is a wonderful thing, and love makes it both sweeter and sadder. It dares (and tempts us) to choose another fate, all the while wondering whether we are wise or fools.

    But in the reaching for another, we reveal another path – one that never existed until this moment. I believe it’s the universe pointing us in the right direction. I believe our hardest regrets will not be for what we did, but for what we didn’t.

    Love…..and don’t be afraid of choosing a path in the dark.

    This is beautiful as are you. ~ Much love always, Bobbie

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