Stronger Now

Your glass shell was cracking along the side

From all the assumptions and disbeliefs

From all the hurting and all the griefs

That left you terrified.

Your smile was as rigid as a marionette’s,

As bitter as a fool in defeat,

As whole as it was incomplete,

As cold as it gets.


Yesterday was tough for you,

But you held, you fought,

Stood for your thought,

And alas, you pulled through.


The sun will shine a little brighter today,

Fuelled by a little love,

A little wishing up above,

It’s all going to be okay.

Those who’ve hurt you will fall once more,

Your shield is renewed, your armour repaired,

Your foes standing:  stumped, shaking, scared.

You’re stronger now, stronger…than you were ever before.


7 thoughts on “Stronger Now

  1. Nessa, that is where real strength lies – in the understanding of that which you never use. Our strength is in our forgiveness. Anyone can hide. Facing up to things, working through them, that’s what makes you strong. That’s what’s making you strong. ~ Love you, Bobbie

      • Actually, Nessa, you are stronger than you think. And that strength makes you even more beautiful (and, also a little scary to guys who aren’t prepared for it). Don’t worry if they’re prepared. Let them be afraid; there will come one that isn’t afraid of your strength – that isn’t afraid to love you all the way through. ~ Love, Bobbie

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