you found me

the scales tip from side to side

and frankly, i just can’t decide

i’m sorry to leave you hanging like this

but i simply cannot seem to dismiss

this silly notion inside my head

to take back all that i have said

to stop midway, lie down on the road

to let my secrets and worries unload

to let the sunlight shine through my thoughts

to let nature naturally untie the knots

but you don’t feel the same as i do

when faced with uncertainty as thick as glue

but you don’t like it when i’m not clear

when all my lines being to smear

i’m sorry my fish never learned to swim

i’m sorry i do things on a whim


you found me when i was feeling lost

but my love is at such a mirthless cost

you found me, but i’m running once again

no rope, no string, no bond, no chain

can constrain my upthrust thinking

and our love, our love is forever sinking


but maybe a little mending can fix the leak

and maybe we’ll stumble upon the magic we seek

and maybe, just maybe, we’ll learn to float someday

and we’ll watch as our fears and doubts drift away.


One thought on “you found me

  1. I love this, Nessa. Allow yourself the pleasure of being unsure. Allow yourself the romantic notion that destiny will reveal to you its wonder ~ that it will find you no matter where you go or how long you lie in the road ~ it will find you as nightbirds find the orchard and sparrows, their way to home. Allow yourself to dream. ~ Love ever, Bobbie

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