42 – 2013’s New Year’s Resolutions


Did I just reuse last year’s image? Well yes I did. Some things are new and others remain old. It’s important to change, but not to become a person that is not entirely yourself – or at least that’s what I believe.

Here were last year’s resolutions:

1. Finish the novel with the same name as this blog (Stronghold) and post it up here for people to read.

2. Finish that piano song (and most likely animated video?) I’ve been meaning to put up.

3. Join a writing contest. For the hell of it.

4. Memorize all my piano songs so I can finish ARCT.

5. Limit my internet time.

6. Survive IB.

7. Cure my depression…I think this is pushing it.

8. Get to know one person I can trust and rely on for everything AND not push them away.

9. Clean my room.

10. Learn how to play table tennis/ping pong.

11. Reduce gaming, increase studying. At least by five hours every week.

12. Finish another 1000 piece puzzle this summer break.

13. Respect myself and appreciate others around me. Give hugs when necessary.

14. Think a little harder about my future.

I have decided to scrap 1&2 though I plan on doing something to that degree in the future.

I have certainly achieved 3.

4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, and 11 are resolutions I hope to continue working at.

12…I wish I had had the time to do.

8 and 13…I hope I’ve gotten somewhere closer to achieving those.

14 for sure. I know where I want to be and I kind of know how to get there. I

For the most part, it seems like my resolutions have given me some structure for my future, but as for my dedication towards achieving them, that’s a little iffy.

Hopefully this year, I’ll be able to achieve a higher percentage of resolutions:

1. Get into the university I want.

2.Pass my piano exam.

3. Start actively blogging again.

4. Read all the books on my “plan to read” list.

5. Try something I have never tried before.

I’m excited for 2013 and I can’t wait to get started on these resolutions.

Happy New Year everyone! 🙂


13 thoughts on “42 – 2013’s New Year’s Resolutions

      • Yeah, the only thing I’ve ever done every day (Almost everyday), is Writing… And I started that 17 months ago.

        But I’m pursuing Writing as a Career, and I’ve always heard that Writers Write.

        But Piano, hmm, that could get tough practicing everyday.


  1. Move with grace and determination, Nessa. There is no rush on perfection. It is a mistake to think getting somewhere quickly is the same as actually going somewhere. Enjoy the journey (one star at a time). ~ Love you, Bobbie

  2. Sounds pretty good to me… The very fact that you cared enough to keep track is amazing. I am sure you’ll get the University you want, and certainly the one that wants you. One piece of advice -Don’t take on a lot of debt for undergrad work. Save that for your masters and PhD … Good Luck, Happy New Year …

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