it’s lonely here

it’s cold and lonely way out here

my clenched tight fingers hold in fear

a certain sadness floods the air

i do not move, i do not dare.


my heart is beating clockwork fast,

this hollow angst is unsurpassed,

i watch the seconds fly on by,

disappear in the gray-lit sky.


it’s cold and lonely where you are,

you cannot find the guiding star,

a certain sadness fills your mind,

but you move, you move! unconfined.


you find me in the glaciation absent from the light,

you find me buried underneath the silence of the night.


it’s lonely here

it’s lonely here

but with you, dear,

i’ve none to fear.


12 thoughts on “it’s lonely here

  1. Do you see, Nessa, how you are coming more and more to embrace the wilderness that is you – no longer allowing the thought that you don’t have it together to be an option. You see are seeing the beauty the rest of us knew already. I love this and love the way you share your heart with us. ~ Love, Bobbie

      • I do always say that? 🙂 I didn’t realize that most of my comments were like that. I do mean it each time I say it. When I’ve finished a poem (not haiku though), I categorize it from 3 to 1 (1 being the best). So when I say that one of yours is one of your best, I’m placing it in your upper tier in my mind. 🙂

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