Mould me with your authoritative word

And thoughts that are louder than those that are heard.

Spin me with your persistence, tell me what you will,

Show me what it takes to get back up this hill.


Shape me up and bake me down,

Release me to your flawless sound,

Pressure in, pressure out,

Whisper, speak, and shout!


Expression is but a notion of the mind,

But is also a hero of mankind.


Art is magic in its all – inspiration in its make,

But it’s  funny how hardened clay is all the easier

to break.


7 thoughts on “Clay

  1. Have you read Hero with 1000 Faces, by Joseph Campbell. This poem continues to show your looking past yourself, and seeing the ego fired in the potters furnace of life. Regarding you last comment You are more than welcome to walk this way, and I too am uplifted by your writing… Always nice to see new words… Thanks!

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