Mistress of the Chaos

Poison glaive and double-edged blade,

Volcano-red eyes, born from the shade,

Her flaming magic reaches into hearts,

Shattering love into dispensable parts.


Gargantuan wings as dark as the night,

Raven-feathered hair that blocks out the light,

She is a monster that feeds on your thought,

She is the monster that has yet to be caught.


Broken hearts and shattered dreams,

Anger bursting from the seams,

Rampant insults fuel her on,

Forgotten promises are her song,

She praises sloth and hungers for greed,

Betrayal is her favourite feed.


The Mistress is but an abomination of human hate,

An emotion that drives us to deadly fate.


9 thoughts on “Mistress of the Chaos

  1. Anger screams out of this piece. So well written, dear. But I wldnt only blame her; the mister is part of this game of betrayal too.

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