Digital Reality

Sometimes when I press my fingers softly against the keys

And shut my eyes tight against all the subtleties,

I feel your warmth, your gentle hold,

Rise up strong, rise up bold,

I feel your presence by my side,

Dream-like romance intensified.


The screen becomes a portal that connects me and you,

Our method of communication, our way to pass through,

The words I read, the words I hear, they echo in my ear,

They allow me to fantasize that you’re standing by near.


But the dream passes on by fastest than I will,

No pause button in sight, no way to stay still.


Between your brbs and ttyls, the loneliness returns,

This cybernetic addiction increasingly burns.

This is another reality I have chosen to accept,

It means more to me than all the secrets I have kept.


It is in this world that I’ve found myself a home,

An everlasting community within these walls of chrome.


14 thoughts on “Digital Reality

  1. That’s about the extent of it…odd world we are a part of. I think I’m becoming more actively involved with people I’ve never met than people I have really spent time with. Go figure! Nice post Miss!

    Bisous Blue,

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