My first love

I remember myself upon your shoulders, my eyes toward the sky,

My fingers holding tight your ears, my thoughts drifting high,

I remember humming gentle tunes, full of innocence and light,

I remember wishing on the stars you pointed out at night.

The world appeared more vivid in this elevated state,

Blood-dyed roses, emerald grass – crystalline fate,

The air smelled of honeysuckle joy, the ground as soft as silk,

Picnic at the nearby park was sweets and chocolate milk.

Oh how this chimera shattered in a time frame far too short,

And oh how the suffering trickled down the edges of our fort,

Oh why did you have to return to the place we had just left?

Oh what did we do to deserve this pain, this loss, this subtle theft?

This man I fell in love with left my mind in endless quake,

Caused my thoughts to loosen, and break, break, break.

Hey Daddy, you were the first to touch upon my heart,

Hey Daddy, you were the first to tear my love apart.


13 thoughts on “My first love

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  2. Very lovely, and sad of course. Our Dads do have a special place in our hearts…when we are hurt by the path they take… it takes much time and strength to heal and forgive. If we are lucky, we can create a new love.

    • I suppose you have your own conflicts in this area in addition to the suffering your sister went through. She is very strong to deal with such a life-changing event.
      Thank you, Jade.

  3. So, so true… My wife talked of her first love, her father, in his eulogy, and it was then I realized what truth it was. Then we carry that example for the rest of our lives. Only we need to learn that we can change our lives, for many who grew up with father carry a weight as well. It means so much that you can express this, it is a step toward forgiving yourself, and perhaps someday even him. A beautiful, powerful poem
    Always, -gfs

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