let love terrorize

burning on the inside

passion from the eyes

no secrets left to hide

let love terrorize


plain white walls

barricade the heart

but the fated calls

so tear the gray apart


this red ribbon fate

bound and unseen

one to its mate

active, strong, mean


let no intervention

bar us from our meet

our love demonstration

echoes to the beat


follow through on what you have begun

the work is done, so fun, fun, fun.


follow through on what you believe

more to achieve, so cleave, cleave, cleave.


10 thoughts on “let love terrorize

  1. I was worried about you, because you haven’t updated since I’ve managed to come back. So I come to your blog and I see this striking piece.

    It threw me for more personal reasons, it was more than just the beauty of the words. Now, I feel even more lost thanks to my belief in synchronicity.

    I’m glad you’re still here 🙂

    Love you Nessa

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