feed me with

your wonderful ways and

dream-dazed days

scrumptious to the last



every word you utter

remains an imprint

in the air

every thought a different spell

a ravaging



and the thought of you

leaves me stuttering

hopelessly lost

shaking shaking



our love is not sentimental

not happy in the least


unthought of


like feeding lamb chops

to a stuffed lamb.


11 thoughts on “ridiculous

  1. Absolutely wonderful! Isn’t it odd how we can look at our own lives as if they were lived by someone else? I believe there are times when we cross over to a place we never thought we’d be, becoming someone (or part of something) we never imagined. A thought. A secret. A dream. Living is somehow about making sense (and comfort) from that realization. To be able to say, ‘I am this, body and soul. Burn me. Drown me. Tell me lies, but I will still be who I am.’ We become perfect in our imperfections, and free within our flaws. In understanding (and embracing) we learn to love ourselves. I love this one. ~ Much love, Bobbie

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