Behind the Clouded Heights

I wonder what the moon feels on those cold and restless nights

When the stars go into hiding behind the clouded heights?


I wonder what he thinks about the scattered city lights

Are they enemies? Friends? Fears or delights?


And I kind of wish I could reach above and paint the moon a friend,

A yellow blob of brightness with edges rounded at the end.


And I kind of wish that someone would do the same for me,

Paint me a lighthearted soul to keep me company.


But for now, I’ll watch the moon shine, and shine and shine and shine,

I’ll wonder if I’ll ever have a love just as bright to declare mine.


And if the stars will beam at me the slightest tweak of a sign,

Then I think, like the moon, I’ll be more, more than fine.


15 thoughts on “Behind the Clouded Heights

  1. Oh this is beautiful ‘Nessa. I really agree with grandfathersky…
    yet it is hard to be patient. Then you get to my age and feel like “love” is so warped (my feelings only).
    This is a different type of poem for you that I really enjoyed. The emotion is amazing… the imagery and “hope” is wonderful. And it is so lovingly gentle… if that makes any sense. πŸ™‚
    I love this piece and I know that the love you want will find you… or you find it. β™₯

  2. I know that feeling so well dear Nessa. It may not be of any help to you but you’re certainly not alone when you are staring at the moon and longing for a friend or even better, a wonderful, sensitive, romantic lover.
    I loved this very much. Well done.
    Love, Steph xxx

  3. almost made me cry. Not sure if it was because i’m in one of my moods or because of the strong emotion in this poem. I’m thinking a little bit of both. This is so beautiful but sad, but hopeful all at once. I sighed with delight over the divine, elegant, mystery of the poem. Someone as talented as you has a special love waiting ahead. Just give them a little more time to brew, that way it’s be splendid once they finally find you ❀

    p.s I thought it was interesting you called the moon a "he". kinda liked the different perspective there ;]

    • Ah. I know exactly what you mean with those moods. Happens to me a lot when I’m reading poetry or listening to music. It’s not exactly the song itself, but rather all those feelings combined with it. Pretty amazing feeling.
      And thanks. ❀

  4. One of my favorite quotes ~ “the barn’s burned down; now I can see the moon”. It’s about finding the spectacular in everything ~ in each whisper ~ each glance ~ each disappointment. Always, there is a new day and whatever we believe it to be ~ it will be. Even the moon shines brighter just for us! Lovely. ~ B

  5. Lovely metaphor, wrapping up the question, when you know the answer is yes, but only when we stop looking, love finds us, only when we surrender are we set free. Our longing means our eyes are closed, we sleep and dream of love that lies in bed beside us….

    • I dream and I try not to expect too much, but it doesn’t stop me from hoping, just hoping that it might come a little quicker.
      Though I suppose everyone else does too. Hope.

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