Inspiring Blog Award

Rules to this award:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award.

2. Tell 7 things about yourself that will not have come up in your blog entries.

3. Pass it on to 7 blogs you find inspiring and explain why.


So first of all, thank you to much to dear Steph at lostupabove. She provides me with overflowing inspiration by posting up all these amazing poems by the most inspiring poets that I otherwise would not have the time to go look at it. She also often shares with us different forms of art such as music. Those are a pleasure to look at really and I always take something out of her posts.


Seven things about me…This is a little difficult, I’ve already used up a lot of my good facts.

1. I play excessive amounts of Draw Something on my phone. There’s something about doodling that piques my interest continually.

2. I laugh a lot. Sometimes for no reason. Including at my own jokes, of course. Even if no one else does.

3. I love apples. But my braces make it hard to eat them. Can’t wait to get them off in a year and a bit.

4. I like sharpened pencils. Dull ones make me sad.

5. I love. easily.

6. I’m extremely indecisive and thus, get confused easily.

7. I’m a little sadistic and mean. Sometimes.


Seven nominees!

1. Authormercedes because her poetry is relatable. Also because she’s been so supportive of me that I almost feel spoiled. Thanks lots to her. You’re missing out if you’re not already following her.

2. 21 Minutes because his posts are always relevant to his life and thus are relevant to mine. They provoke thought and there’s nothing more inspiring than thought.

3. Nenskei because she’s been so supportive of me. Her blog posts are full of her life experiences, vibrant, refreshing, and always a pleasure to read. She’s like the part of me that I never let out in my own entries.

4. Bluefiadiarries. Fia’s been more of a friend than I’ve ever asked for. She reads my long, overbearing rants and throws at me the most positive advice packed with her own experiences for inspiration. Her blog entries are full of spirit and enthusiasm that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to match.

5. Moon Light who supported me first. She encouraged me to keep writing and keep working at my dreams. There’s no individual more inspirational than she is. She also writes the most intellectually arousing reviews ever. Ever.

6. Eric Alagan. His entire blog screams inspiration. Need I say more?

7. Grandfathersky. I would be lost without his inspiration. I’ve never had so much unconditionaly support from any one person ever. There’s also somethign about his poetry that brings me back again and again to lose myself in a world where things make a little more sense. I’ve learned a lot, grown a lot and he’s been by my side the whole way.


13 thoughts on “Inspiring Blog Award

  1. Congratulations Nessa. (I’ve been away a few days hence the delay.) You truly deserve this award writing such incredibly good poems. Thank you for your most lovely comment on my blog. Have a nice day darling girl.
    Love (lots of it), Steph xxx

  2. Blue, that is one of the sweetest things…
    Thanks you for even thinking about me.
    Your poems do more for me than you can ever imagine. Keep on expressing yourself, for as long as you do, someone will appreciate it 😉

  3. Welcome back 🙂

    It is always a pleasure to be recognised by fellow bloggers and reading the comments in your earlier posts, you are one very well loved one, it would seem.

    Thank you nominating me with such gracious words. I am touched.

    All peace and love to you, Eric 🙂

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