illusions of night

my tattered claws digging into the bedsheet release the pain I’ve held for days,

the creased fabric is but a repesentation of my desire, lust, and craze.

and you ignore me

so crushingly.

my words hover the air unaddressed, unwanted, void.

and i’m left here wondering at what i’ve destroyed.

teddy bear launched across the room, colliding with the wall.

my arms shiver and my eyes shake as i watch it slowly fall.

and the rain outside is but a metaphor of my bitter sadness

and the illusions of night are but indication of my madness.


13 thoughts on “illusions of night

  1. I agree with GS. I can feel the hurt Nes. And as I’ve always said, I’m just here. You can always talk to me/email or whatever ways you can share with me. 🙂

  2. These words, are like nothing you have written, they are from the heart of life, no veil, or mystery, just a moving metaphor of feeling, I hurt when I read them, yet I know they sustain the poet. Love will not ask for more than you can give….

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