The Skies are Ours

My arms so cold, my fingers numbed with chill,

Some colossal aloneness threatens my will,

The door is locked shut and the windows slammed tight,

The room is ignorant of a single speck of light,

Cuddled beneath fleece, but still in Siberian state,

The tears are coming down at fuller, faster rate.


A single whisper from your lips tumbles deep into my heart,

Breathless in awe; stupefied, by your simple threaded art,

A summery blush upon my face, the warmth comes from within,

I’m lusting, trusting, just adjusting; how do we begin?


You try to hide your confession in your little nervous way,

Your silly little antics hidden on display,

I tell myself I’m not yet ready to open up my eyes,

But I feel that us together can conquer cobalt skies.


Mozart-coloured fantasy warps around my dreams,

You and me, together, love to new extremes.

10 thoughts on “The Skies are Ours

  1. you had me from the title of this one. But holy crap, i didn’t expect to get blown away. i love how you vividly depect distrust & loneliness from the beginning & then by the end, have painted a rising trust & excitement with your words. truly such a work of art. this is my favorite of yours, btw. keep it up!

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