But Love Decreases

I’m lost, estranged, and terrified. A crumpled post-it in my hands.

Naught but smile was written on, most simple of demands.

I’m shocked, shivering, shattered. Fragments of the past.

My fist tightens; I’m tired of being the one thought of last.

To falsify, to lie, to pass with a laugh hereby.

The lonely porcupine. Mine, mine, oh my.

Speak not of these tears that stream down my face.

Our secret. Pinky promise just in case.

Every atom in my body. Is vibrating…in fear.

I’m scared. So scared. Without you, my dear.

The darkness is welcoming. My only friend tonight.

Much like the broken string of a young child’s kite.

Find me. Embrace me. More, more, more.

I’m but the solitary kitten resting at the door.

But your attention is elsewhere. No interest in broken pieces.

I keep your words on mind. But love decreases. Decreases.


12 thoughts on “But Love Decreases

  1. I get a Charlie Brown image from this poem, he’s sitting alone with his cap and glove after a game, wondering why he is never the hero, always the goat, when the reality is neither, he is always Charlie Brown, and we love him for that

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