Shut up

Choked by this feeling of ignorance, of petty whims and lies,

He, who yearns my friendship, will fall to his demise.

And the music is now in favour of broken hearts and cries,

And it yearns for the stranded strings of severed friendship ties.


I lie on the floor, stagnant, fearing for the worst,

And my heart, my heart, my heart, so close to being burst.


Why do you speak? Why spout these words on and on and on?

You do not pause to think of what I think – my opinion – unless I’m gone.


And are you really talking to anyone at all when you’re not listening to a single word I say?

And are you really going to keep on talking, keep on spamming words this way?


Listen up, it’s time to stop.



Let your words flutter, flicker, flop.


8 thoughts on “Shut up

  1. Few days ago, I was reading an article elsewhere, actually a letter that a wife wrote about her husband to an online advise giver. She was saying exactly what you’ve expressed in this poem. Basically, the man had a problem of listening to her, and he would just interrupt her every time she tried to make a point. So she was asking an advise to handle him since he was getting on her nerves. πŸ˜€ And the advise she got was more or less to tell him to shut up. πŸ™‚ (Well, she was also told to tell him how his behavior had affected her)

    Very well written piece. Am sure many could identify with it. Great lesson for those of us on the opposite side of the gender line, i.e., men. πŸ˜‰

    • Mm. Perhaps it’s a biological aspect of our sexes? Women have been, by nature, better listeners. Though I would say that they’re also the ones who get carried away with talking. And of course, people are not defined by sex. Personalities mean everything, really.

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