fallible love

in. out. in. out. our breathing synchronized to beat.

you pull me into your arms. adapt me to your heat.

i close my eyes and run my fingers through your noir hair.

imprinting every feeling. letting magic hover air.

your fingers. they smell of chocolate. they brush by my lips.

we baked earlier. cookies. with chunks of chocolate chips.

how perfect i fill the room in your arms. how perfect i lie here.

you whisper your silly one lined flirts. they echo into my ear.

but suddenly, a feeling returns to me.

emotions of longing, of mystery.

i sigh and our breathing tunes out of sync.

too many thoughts for one brain to think.

you ask me if there’s something wrong

but things weren’t right all along.


14 thoughts on “fallible love

  1. Truly amazing. I love your last line “but things weren’t right all along.”… I can certainly relate.
    The beginning of the poem has such a soft gentle air to it. Loved it ‘Nessa!

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