Creative Chaos Award

Rules to this award:

1. Thank the person who gave you the Award.

2. Take your best shot at the 3 tasks listed below.

3. Nominate 5 people who recently followed your blog.


A huge thank you goes out to my dear beloved bipolarmuse for constantly thinking of me, supporting me through all my WordPress endeavours, and presenting me with this wonderful award. Her posts provide insightful information into the bipolar disorder and also reach into emotions that are relate-able to everyone. She’s an amazing person and my daily fix of emotion.

Also a warm thanks to my fellow poet Alexander Pseudonym who has also given me this award. His poetry presents a sense of realism and observance that I can’t quite see anywhere else. Unique and wonderful.


First Task

Three weird things I / you do:

1. I make midnight runs for coffee and donuts when I know I’m staying up late or pulling an all-nighter.

2. I like to hug a stuffed animal while using my laptop….or anytime really.

3. I like to doodle in class.

Second Task:

You must tell why you look at the “glass half full” scenario and ask “what? No coffee?”

A writer needs his or her coffee. For those late nights. Terrible, but sometimes that extra adrenaline can be awe-inspiring.

Third Task:

You find yourself in a desolate place when your car breaks down. You have no cellphone service, no Walmart, and only a candy bar for food. It is 150 miles to the closest town. What colour are your pants and why?

Blue. Like the color of the taffy I’m eating.









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