Oh Darling

Oh darling, dear darling, what mess you are in,

Your heart is on fire and your faith is stick-thin,

Oh darling, dear darling, let me pull back the blind,

Let the sunshine come in and ease off your mind,

Oh darling, dear darling, come here to my side,

There’s nothing to fear and no need to hide,

Oh darling, dear darling, hold out your hand

Why so afraid? So very stiff here you stand,

Oh darling, dear darling, look at what I’ve drawn,

A sharpied on smiley-face to urge your grin on,

Oh darling, dear darling, I need you closer to me,

Body to body, pleasurefully.


14 thoughts on “Oh Darling

  1. I’m gladly sending you the hugs of a friend to keep you warm until your Darling arrives on the scene to take up the happy task. 🙂 A delightful, swinging rhythm in this piece.

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