this one lonely road

I am walking

along a cold stone path

with flowers along the side

daisies, roses, sunflowers

lilies, tulips, daffodils

nothing out of the ordinary

the sun covered by a mist of clouds

and the sky a shallow bluish gray

I am walking


you are cunning

approaching closer and closer

mischevious look in your eyes

we meet and pause our journeys

to indulge in companionship

to indulge in something new

you place one hand

upon my wrist

and the other

upon my waist

and my hand upon

your toned broad shoulders

you are cunning


my eyes are on the horizon

the sun is setting

no longer veiled by the clouds

your touch leaves my skin

your grasp loses strength

one last embrace

before you must continue on

to your destination

my eyes are on the horizon


this one lonely road

we will only meet once

there is no turning back

as our journey propels us forward

the sun warms your back

and glares light onto my face

we continue down

this one lonely road


12 thoughts on “this one lonely road

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  2. I love the images you paint. And I feel sad for the ones in the poem. Though we do ultimately walk alone its the chance meetings with others that make everyone ok.

    I love you 🙂

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