It is not cowardly to hide behind your mask,

but question yourself, do not forget to ask


why do you wear such a disguise?

why do you hide the truth in your eyes?

and who

who do you hide your tired soul from?

who have you, in such a time, become?

and what

what is it that you cannot share?

what is the face that you will not wear?

and when

when do you plan to unsheath your being?

when do you plan to cease your fleeing?

and how

how will you paint your mask two years from now?

how much unveiling will you allow?

and last but certainly not the least,


where are you going with your hopeless lies?

where will you cease your



8 thoughts on “Mask

  1. Absolutely AMAZING!!! I felt like you were writing about me because I hide behind many masks… I guess many of us do. Maybe more so for me with these mood disorders.
    Wonderful poem ‘Nessa!

  2. All important questions to ask both ourselves and others. Interestingly Lady Gaga holds this same view about masks. You’ll often see her perform wearing one to demonstrate just this thought.

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