Heavy Heart

these tears held back in my heavy heart

rapture my thoughts and placate my art

my hands shake and tremble in fear

i cannot speak, i cannot hear

i am terrified to the root of my bone

i am afraid, afraid to be alone

the air feels cold and the night seems long

everything i thought i knew was wrong

so do not judge when i crash to the ground

when i feel more lost than i have ever felt found

do not worry for i will be okay

you do not have to extend your stay

i am fine and as calm as the summer air

i am fine and you do not have to care

i can spin these lies all the time

speak in hopeless, restless rhyme

but really what i still long for

is a lended ear, an open door


13 thoughts on “Heavy Heart

  1. Amazing how we train ourselves to keep up the snappy patter. But sometimes I do think that we do so to train ourselves to believe it better. And maybe, just maybe, it’s not a bad thing to believe the happy exaggerations and work to make them true.

    • That’s the way I’ve started to approach life…Put on the smile before feeling happy. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Trial and error, dear Kathryn, has taught me everything. Your wise words ring true.

  2. Such a strong improvement in Rhythm!
    If I really want to be critical (which I will be only because the rest was perfect), I just have to wince at the last few lines, where the rhyme gives a little way.

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