A collector but not quite what you’d expect,

This lone seeker of the promised confect,

He traverses strange realms, capturing aim

Though dreams are not tamed, but beasts of infame.


Solving a puzzle one dream at a time,

And melding together pieces of rhyme,

Armed with a dagger of aspiring goals

and wit and cunning from a thousand woes,

He will continue to hunt and hunt and hunt

Until he has cleansed all beasts from our front.


Shattering what feeds our imagination,

As victim to his quiet sedation,

We should run, we should hide, we should fight back,

Let the hunter taste our surreal attack.

12 thoughts on “Dreamhunter

  1. Hmmmm… for me I think of my sleeping meds and how the can “rob” me of my dreams that I cherish so much. Isn’t it fascinating how we can take someones poetry and apply it to ourselves.
    Very wonderful poem ‘Nessa. Indeed got my wheels in motion. ♥

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