Let me go today.

It has never been my intention to enter such a place

Where hollow melodies fill such a space,

Where darkness covers all the walls and hope seeps through the grounds,

Where desperation is broadcasted through all the little sounds.


My hands grip each passing brick as I journey down this hall,

I’m looking for your spirit, yearning for your call,

The candles clinging to the sides no longer light the way,

You’re silent and I also, have nothing left to say.


The warmth that once flooded our relationship has dissipated down to dust

And all our precious memories have accumulated such a rust,

You ask if we can turn back the hands of time, to restore what once was ours,

But I have already sealed away the faith in unlockable drawers.


You grip firmly on my arm, reaching from the dark

Wearing me down with each and each remark,

But I’m tired of playing such a game,

Tired of hearing your damned name.


So let me run away.

Let me go today.


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