The Sunshine Blogger Award

Rules for this award:

1. Thank the award giver.

2. Share some things about yourself.

3. Pass the award on to 10-12 other bloggers.


First of all, thank you to bluefiadiaries, grandfathersky, and bipolarmuse for this wonderful award.

I’ve only recently fallen in love with Fia’s lovely blog and her poetry is completely relatable and gives you a slice of life that is ever so real. She’s also a really sweet person to know.

Grandfathersky has been so supportive of me throughout my entire blogging experience and I simply can’t thank him enough. He is an inspiration to me and most like many others.

Bipolarmuse is a wonderful lady who has been ever so consistent with her support. She posts the most inspiration quotes on her blog as well as poetry with such emotion that will make you surely sentimental yourself.

Thank you so much! Oh how I simply feed on your support like a hungry mouse fallen into a mouse trap. Except it is a very kindly trap you have set up.


Favorite Colour: Blue, well of course.
Favorite Animal: Dolphin.
Favorite Number: 14.
Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Milk tea.
Facebook or Twitter: Facebook. I don’t tweet often.
My Passion: Poetry.
Favorite pattern: Hm…Stars on a black background. The night sky.
Favorite day of the week: Sunday. Rest day pour moi.
Favorite Flower: Sunflower. Oh how I love the sun.


10 nominations! Oh dear, this will be challenging.

1. DarkJade

2. Echolalias

3. Kweschn!

4. Dawn (Pivoine68)

5. Gabrielsfury

6. Wise Counsel

7. Go Jenzy!

8. Chasingjngdreams

9. FlameSpores

10. Foxphire

Couldn’t nominate everyone I wanted to, but thank you so much to everyone for being my inspiration!


16 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award

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  2. Congratulations Nessa. That you are passionate about poetry comes as no surprise to me. I hope the sun may shine on all your days, sweetie. Take care.
    Love and a big hug

  3. Wow, Nes.. What are those words you’ve used to describe me. (blushing) Thank you, I couldn’t utter more than that! If you’re near me I would have given you a GREAT BIG HUG!! I also love your blog, and well liked your answers. (High 5 on the ‘BLUE’ color!) wohoo!!

    Lots of Love (LOL)

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