Long-Distance Relationship

My fist clenches.

My eyes widen.

But I’m not angry.


My heart quickens.

I stand frozen.

But I’m not scared.


I blink

and overthink.

My thoughts go down the drain.

My soul is in pain.


Do you hear it?

The rhythm of a tragedy.

Do you feel it?

The thundering of a thousand dreams

about to be shattered.

Do you wish it?

Surely you did not foresee

this disaster to be.


Ready yourself

Throw on your arms

The battle is tough

And it’s up to you

to see it through.


What a scoundrel, what a fool,

These feelings are but a tool.


Take off into the arena and follow where your heart takes you.


Though love extends its reach for miles and miles,

Love has its own set of games, its own set of trials.


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