Saying “I love you”.

Writing prompt: Saying “I love you” without actually saying the three words.


“There’s a kitten following you,” he pointed at the creature tailing behind me.

“I know,” I replied, smiling my most pleasant smile.

The kitten walked over to him and jumped onto his lap. Upon instinct, he ran his fingers through her fur.

“Another one? You promised you’d stop taking in strays,” he frowned, but continued to pet her.

“I know, but this one understands me. She knows exactly how I’m feeling. She’s like that part of me I’ve always searched for and always wished to have known more about. I don’t know how else to explain it. Look at her.”

He takes a long hard look at the kitten and shakes his head. He nudged her, urging her off of him. He was stuck on the dark green leather sofa – unable to stand up. He nudged again. The cat didn’t budge.

“She’s not letting me get up,” he said, realizing that the cat’s claws were digging in at his clothes.

“I know,” I replied, staring straight into his eyes. “She’s not letting you go.”

He chuckled and extended his arms out to me. I accepted the embrace, digging my own claws in his back.

“I’m not going anywhere,” he whispered softly into my left ear.

“I know.” I murmured just as softly in the comfort of his arms.


14 thoughts on “Saying “I love you”.

  1. I so loved it. I really wish I didn’t let go but I was at the time where letting go is the only option I have. I do think sometimes letting go means loving. Very well done Ness.:)

  2. I agree with BPM, this is beautiful, I like the simile woven into the story with being an over expression, you are very talented, I want to read more (and I am not a big reader of fiction so that says a lot … ;-0)

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