War Cry

Sometimes we feel misplaced, misused, misunderstood,

Unable to do things we know we should,

And at times like these we throw up our hands,

Give up and drift into distant lands.


Fears exist in our darkest dreams

There’s no escape or so it seems,

We have no choice but to push further on

Until all we know to be true is gone.


Futile motions stall the growth,

But change is more than subtle oath,

Demons are bound by our concession,

Your future lies in your posession.


12 thoughts on “War Cry

  1. So much truth in this, the world overwhelms so we retreat into ourselves and our thoughts overwhelm us, so we surrender ourselves and try to escape – drugs, TV, books, sleep. But life keeps calling us back with new lessons to be learned.
    The only suggestion in poetic style I’d make is the two ‘buts’ in the second stanza. Otherwise I love this!

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