In Hopeless Sin

the ups and the downs,

silence and the sounds,

the way we avoid what we’ve always known,

the way we wished we could’ve grown.

what magic exists in this stagnant air?

what justice is there, what is fair?

betrayed and destroyed from the inside out,

consumed by rabid fear and rapid doubt,

falling faster by the second, no end in sight,

still stuck in endless flailing flight,

if fear is a must, if fear must stay,

then get this hatred out of my way.

you were wrong to lie about yourself,

to spew those words from your fickle mouth,

i was wrong to trust those wretched lies,

wrong to believe in broken ties.

and so we continue on and on,

playing again the same old song.

and so we continue from here on in,

drowning ourselves in hopeless sin.


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