Is it too late to turn back?

Every step that you take closer to my side

Compulses me

To run away.


I have lived a life of


Alone until today.


Love is some foreign magic; some miracle unknown to my eyes.

Some unforeseen spectacle in my stomach: butterflies.


Trudge forward, embrace! You ask too much of me.

But I am yours to command, your lover to be.


Fallen into this state of

hysterical felicity,

I am in love.


Indulge today and

regret nothing,

Consume all thereof.


Is it too late to turn back?

You cannot fill what I lack.


You cannot undo

the actions of my past,

So sometimes I wonder

if love can last.


18 thoughts on “Is it too late to turn back?

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  2. Oh, how I love this. *You cannot fill what I lack*, this is where I live in my head. Love is a beautiful thing and as I get older I can see how rare it seems… at least for me. I fall in love then to hate in a flash… though I do not want to be this way.
    Loved this poem, every line touched me. ♥

  3. Love can Last,only if it’s real. It will find its way, the rightful souls will collide! 🙂 I love the poem BlueNessa! 🙂

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