Very Inspiring Blog Award

Rules for this award:

1.Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Share 7 things about yourself

3. Pass the award to 7 nominees.


So, first of all, thank you so much to ottabelle for this wonderful award. She’s amazing and her writing will take you into another world. I swear.

I didn’t make this blog to inspire people. I made it to be myself. The fact that someone, anyone, can relate to makes me so happy.Β  I’ll never think of myself as a very inspiring person, but I’m thankful nonetheless for the award.


Seven things about me…

1. I have a severe addiction to sugar. Okay, maybe that severe, but whenever I see something sweet, I literally can’t resist.

2. I sleep with like 5 stuffed animals on my bed. They keep me warm.

3. I change my mind really often and it’s difficult for me to choose anything.

4. I still somehow haven’t gotten a new stapler. Sigh.

5. I might’ve mentioned this already, but a while back, I started folding paper cranes and now I have a bunch of them. I’ll never get to 1000.

6. I think bobby pins are magical.

7. I really like to nap on sofas…so it’s not that smart of an idea to have me sit on one.


Seven nominations! Oh dear, here I go:

1. bipolarmuse

2. grandfathersky

3. kiwsparks

4. kweschn!

5. The Written Word

6. pivoine68

7. Thought Sanctum


19 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blog Award

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  2. You know you *are* very inspiring to me, Nessa! I’m poking around about getting my thanks up on the blog, but I am grateful for your constant support and sharing all the same. Hugs!

  3. Hi, Nessa, I hope you are feeling better. Congratulations on your award. You are a very inspiring girl I think.
    Love and a big hug, honey, Steph

  4. Thank you ‘Nessa! πŸ™‚ This means a lot to me! πŸ™‚ You are very kind and supportive! I really appreciate it!!! πŸ™‚ And congrats to you!! You deserve it! You inspire me, and I know you inspire many others. πŸ™‚ Keep at it!!

  5. Great statements about yourself – and I have staplers everywhere, they just seem to follow me home … As far as making up your mind, fugetaboutit – you’re a Libra, and napping on sofas could get you the nickname kitty, but I won’t tell anyone … Congratulations, and start believing you do inspire us.

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