Move left – no, wait – right, right, right!

Don’t haste, but don’t slow – under the light.

Marionette, you are the grim ghost of a wretched woe,

But you don’t have to suffer this plaguing control.


Jump higher, farther, as fast as you can,

Don’t be tied down, down by a man,

The future beckons, it tugs you by the strings,

Unleash your magic, your weightless wings.


The puppeteer draws you closer, closer to his heart,

But marionette, you are not bound by his faithless art,

Break free, snap the lines, fling away the wood,

And live your life like you wished you could.


An eye for an eye; if you leave, you place another in his hands,

But somehow, someday you’ll return to foil his plans.


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