I am Butterfly

They have pushed and pulled and tugged ’til not a thing remains in sacred state,

‘Til not a thing remains but wretched hate,

‘Til not a thing but evil lies in wait.


Cocoon. Protected from hazards, but fragile at best,

Idle in some blatant rest,

My patience served and put to test.


Still waiting for the those bullies to take their games and stow them away,

Please, I beg you, no pain today,

No hisses of profanity, no bitter dismay.


Apple falls from a crooked tree, gravity weighs me down,

It’s time to unleash, time to hit ground,

I know this scent, I’m sky bound.


No longer contained, no longer held back,

I break through this barrier’s minuscule crack,

I’m set to attack.


Vanessa annabella, monarch of the day and overseer of the night,

I am butterfly, I arch my amber wings and take flight.


20 thoughts on “I am Butterfly

  1. Hello! This is my first visit to your page. It’s very pretty here and I like it. 🙂 Also, liking your words. This one called to me particularly, as I recently wrote one with a butterfly metaphor, but with a slightly different slant.

    I shall definitely be browsing around more. 🙂

  2. I would come through this wire and make them stop, you’re much too fair a spirit to live among vultures. Yet I know your wings will lift you up, and one day soon they will fade into obscurity. I bless the wings of the butterfly… -gs

  3. I am really curious on your name BlueSander.. How did you come up with such name? I like it by the way. I also love BLUE. And I’ve got my special someone name soundly pronounce like your name ‘Sander’ .. Haha.. That’s why I am curious! 🙂

    By the way, My name is Fia.

    • Heyy. Nice to meet you Fia, I’m ‘Nessa. 🙂
      My name actually came from the name of a chat room called Red Sands. If you went on it, you were called a Redsander. I revamped it to include my favourite colour, that’s all.

      I hope to get to know your blog.

      • Nice to meet you Nessa. Nice name. Anyways, I figured Blue is your favorite color. Hehe. I have never been on that chat room. (I’m not a fan of chat room anymore. Hehe) I also hope to get to read your posts! 🙂


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